Father’s Day

Father’s Day

I am a Dad… it is one of the most important titles that I hold…

Being a dad has duties and responsibilities that I was not prepared for when the title was given to me. I didn’t really understand all that would be required…

God gives children to young adults who don’t know enough to be afraid!

Providing… for a wife was one thing… she was an adult, able to work and independent… but a child that was dependent, for everything was a weight that was a bit unexpected. 

Protecting… there are dangers that I was unaware of… falling, electrical sockets, water, riding in an automobile… geez, everything was dangerous when they were small… the danger only increased as they grew older.

Preparing… success and failure both teach life lessons… watching your child succeed brings a sense of pride like no other… witnessing failure really ‘hurts you more than it does them’… don’t fail in teaching them to overcome failing… it will make them successful in life.

It doesn’t get easier or cheaper as they grow up… but the reward is worth the investment and work… as they go forth into the future, it is fulfilling!

Pastor Marc