I am not much of a farmer… in fact, about as close I get is the Farmer’s Market.

Jesus spoke a lot about farming, planting, tending and harvesting crops…

Life is lived in seasons…. Ecc 3 talks about those times to be born, to die, to laugh to cry…

Jesus endured a season of temptation before His public ministry to give us an example.  Before you are empowered to proclaim public faith… you must have overcome personal doubts and fears so that you can withstand the attacks of the enemy.

Blessings follow Testings.

Testing precedes Enlargement.

When the Spirit of the Lord is in you… everywhere you go, you disturb the powers of darkness… light always forces darkness to flee.

  • You may be in a season of testing… be faithful
  • You may be in a season of blessing… be faithful
  • You may be in a season of sowing… do so with tears
  • You may be in a season of harvesting…  do so with joy

Whatever season you find yourself in, be content. Another season will soon arrive… remain faithful in every season and you will reap, if you do not faint.

Pastor Marc